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CasinoNickel SlotsUSCANBonus $Bonus %FREE $Review
Slots Oasis65YesYes$4,000400% ReviewPlay Now!
SlotoCash56YesYes$570Tiered$7.00ReviewPlay Now!

Nickel Slots Online

There used to be a time when the thought of nickel slots brought up images of old ladies sitting in a Vegas casino with a huge bucket of nickels, grinding away at the nickel slots machine for hours on end. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, that is no longer the case. Vegas casinos use credits similar to online casinos and it's no longer necessary to carry that big bag of nickels. Online casino software has pioneered the way nickel slots are played, offering multiple coin bets, multiple paylines, and many different and exciting win combinations. Online casinos are set to boom this year and have begun offering new games, 3D slots for example, creating a whole new experience in online gaming.

We have played at many online casinos and our fair share of Vegas casinos and we have reviewed our top choices to save you time and money. Our online casino reviews of the top slots casinos online are in-depth and cover everything a slots player would need to know before playing nickel slots online.

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Here we have included a list of the latest nickel slots online that we have reviewed. Our online nickel slots reviews are as thorough as possible and we write them to give you all of the information you would need to decide whether or not this nickel slot game is for you.

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Free Nickel Slots

In our search for the best nickel slots online, we have played at our fair share of online casinos. Most of these casinos were not good enough for us to recommend to our visitors. Of the few casinos that made the grade, one of the requirements was that the online casino have a free version of their software available to their customers. The free version can either be downloadable or via a no-download flash version of their casino online. Either way, you can play free nickel slots online at any of our recommended online casinos.


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